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Shemeka Brathwaite, MSEd specializes in working with high potential emerging professionals, unleashing their distinctive factor resulting in increased leadership and peak performance skills.

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Are you an organization struggling to get the value out of your millennials that you know they have?

Do you know how more productive and profitable your organization can be if you can tap into their collective skills, knowledge, or other intangible assets that can be used to create economic value for your organization, themselves, or their community?

Through her dynamic and engaging message, Shemeka Brathwaite shows high potential millennial professionals how to access and leverage their Distinctive FactorTM, so they can personally make an indispensable notable impact within the marketplace.

Thank you for the presentation you made to the New York Police Department at the 2015 Women Inspiring Women Conference. The feedback regarding your presentation was fantastic. Your years of experience and broad expertise provided excellent guidance for all of our attendees. (
William J. Bratton
Former NYPD Commissioner