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For millennial professionals who have never considered long-term planning, feel overwhelmed by workplace expectations and unaware of resources available to empower their success, Shemeka Brathwaite offers her professional expertise and motivational coaching in this 90 page eBook.

Strategic Solutions for Small Businesses and Associations

Shemeka Brathwaite, MSEd specializes in working with small businesses and associations who want to attract, retain and engage millennials so they can build their talent brand, human capital and future leadership pipeline.

Is this YOU?

  • You want to attract millennial professionals by positioning your organization as the place to be.
  • You are tired of your organization being the “best kept secret”.
  • You receive low productivity or engagement from your millennials.
  • You have limited options in promoting internal entry level candidates to leadership roles in your organization.
  • You're quickly losing your millennials to your competitors.
  • You want to build your intergenerational team dynamics to increase productivity, collaboration, and growth.

You're in the right place if you want to work with an expert who through keynotes, training, coaching  and virtual presentations provide strategic solutions for your small business or association.

Meeting PlannersTestimonials
-C. Cross, Event Planner
-C. Cross, Event Planner
Every time I work with her on an event, her speaking presence catches me in awe. Whether she is speaking at a workshop or a large-scale event she always knows how to capture the audience with her humble yet dynamic delivery.

On behalf of the "Women in Development" network at Fidessa, I would like to thank Shemeka for her informative presentation at the quarterly luncheon. Her presentation and follow-up discussion was one of the most well attended sessions of our guest lecturer series and our members are still talking about it!