Meeting Planners Reasons to Hire Shemeka Brathwaite


FACT: When Shemeka speaks, people remember what she teaches and use her strategies because of the memorable stories and examples she uses.

ADVANTAGE: This will captivate your group and keeps them at the edge of their seats.

BENEFIT: So, your group will be more engaged, more invested, productive, and loyal.

FACT: There is group interaction in Shemeka’s programs.

ADVANTAGE: Your group will participate in roll-playing, discussions and exercises during her session.

BENEFIT: When they go back to work, they will remember and use the techniques that they learned.

FACT: Shemeka use the newest technology tools and applications in her programs.

ADVANTAGE: This gives your group exposure to new technology that shows them how to maximize the leading social media sites to leverage social capital and develop their personal brand.

BENEFIT: That branding will give them more publicity and exposure and in turn, the image of                                        your business will grow.

FACT: There are applicable strategies in Shemeka’s programs (diagrams, step-by-step procedures, etc.)

ADVANTAGE: Your group will gain concrete techniques designed to equip and motivate a plan of action

BENEFIT: This produces a transformational and purposeful mindset that results in peak                                                  performance, employee satisfactions and retention for your company.

FACT: There is coaching in Shemeka’s programs (live discussions with the audience to personalize the sessions)

ADVANTAGE: This creates live memorable experiences.

BENEFIT: When the group returns to work, they will have the techniques that prepare and enable them to solve challenges.

FACT: Shemeka programs are customized to your business.

ADVANTAGE: Your group will see and hear familiar examples, words and logos specific to their organization.

BENEFIT: They will connect with me, learn and then apply what they learn directly to their job.

FACT: Shemeka has a Masters Degree in Adult Education and is a certified MBTI practitioner.

ADVANTAGE: Shemeka know the “best practices” when it comes to teaching adults and group dynamics.

BENEFIT: Your group will be in the best possible environment to learn and retain the principles that will bring them and their company more success.